With Novakon, Polikon and Polikon-U equipment, sliding formwork installations meeting today's architectural needs can be constructed, providing great flexibility to visualise the opportunities of modern shapes.

We offer cooperation in the following forms:
  1. Planning of sliding formwork installations
  2. Preparation of technological plans
  3. Selling licences and know-how
  4. Manufacture and distribution of sliding formwork
  5. Construction of sliding formwork installations and structures
  6. Water tower construction, complete implementation
  7. Professional advisory activities, engineering

Features of Novakon, Polikon, and Polikon-U equipment and technology:

  1. Targeted development and successful application for several decades
  2. Buildings outlined by double-bended plane surfaces
  3. Constant or variable shell cross-section
  4. Quick and economical construction
  5. Opportunity for high level of automation
  6. Stairwell heart, elevator shaft, load-bearing walls, silo, cooling tower, chimney, water tower, etc.